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Dental Implants + Custom Restorations = A Restored Smile

Dental Implants

A key factor in a beautiful, healthy smile is having all of your teeth. Even a single missing tooth, whether the empty space is visible or hidden in your back teeth affects the health and appearance of your grin. The fantastic news is that using modern dental implants, you can replace one, several, or all your teeth with restorations that look natural and don't require special care. Our team of dental professionals at DentalWorks - Pewaukee is happy to be able to offer many different types of restorations supported by dental implants for our patients in Pewaukee, WI. If you're missing one tooth or more, read on to learn about the advantages of dental implants, the different implant and restoration choices, what determines who is a good candidate for dental implants, how implants are placed, and how you care for your implants as soon as they're in. If you are ready to learn more about implant-supported restorations after reading this guide, contact our office in Pewaukee, WI to schedule an oral health evaluation and implant consultation.

Traditional restorations for missing teeth (removable dentures and dental bridges) have helped people for a long time, but now, there's a newer, better choice. Traditional restorations require particular care, come with food restrictions, and often don't feel stable or look natural. Furthermore, without the tooth root to stimulate the jaw and gums, atrophy sets in and eventually affects the health and appearance of your mouth. Implant-supported restorations keep the jaw and gum tissue stimulated while giving a stable base for the custom restoration. Implant-supported restorations can be treated like your natural teeth, which means no food restrictions and no soaking.

Depending on you simply need one tooth replaced, several, or all of them, DentalWorks - Pewaukee offers a wide range of restorations supported by dental implants.

    To replace all the teeth on your top and/or bottom arch, custom dentures could be attached to multiple dental implants. It usually takes at least four strategically placed implants per arch to support the denture restoration.
    If you need to replace many but not all of your teeth, implant-supported partial dentures attach to multiple implants to fill in gaps. The false teeth attached to the posts will be made custom to blend with your remaining teeth for a seamless smile.
    If you only need to fix a single missing tooth, a dental implant can be attached to a crown. The implant-supported crown will be shaped and shaded to blend with your other teeth for a beautiful outcome.
    For a single or a few teeth, an implant-supported bridge may be attached to a couple of dental implants. For added stability, the false teeth or tooth will be connected to both the implant(s) and a hollow crown(s) placed over a nearby tooth.

Before you're able to get dental implants, your dentist in Pewaukee, WI will need to find out whether you are an ideal candidate. Generally, you will need to have good oral health, which includes strong gums and a thick jawbone. If your gums and/or jaw are not strong enough and cannot support an implant, your dentist may recommend gum or bone grafting. A graft will add to your total treatment time, but it will help make sure your implant is secure in your mouth before your restoration is connected. Implant candidates should not use tobacco products (vaping, smoking, or chewing) since this will slow down the healing process.

Implanted restorations can take somewhat more time than traditional restorations, but most patients find that the results are worth it. After your dentist has determined you are a good candidate for dental implants, they will create a schedule for your treatment plan. If needed, dental extractions, gum grafts, and/or bone grafts will be performed to prepare your mouth. Then, your implant surgery could be scheduled. Usually performed with IV sedation, the dentist will screw the metal post(s) into strategic points through the gum tissue and into your jawbone. They will also take physical or digital impressions, which will be sent to a dental laboratory to help them design and make your custom restoration. After oral surgery, your mouth might feel a little sore as your gums and jawbone integrate with the post(s). It's important to follow all the post-surgical instructions given by your dentist to help prevent an infection and recover faster. It will take roughly 3 – 6 months before the post(s) is strong enough. During this time, your dentist will likely place a temporary restoration or cover over the post for protection. Once your dentist determines the post(s) is strong enough, they will attach your custom-made crown, bridge, or dentures. Minor adjustments may be required to make sure your implanted restoration is comfortable and secure. It may take a little time for you to adjust to your implant-supported restoration, but with time, you should be smiling, eating, and talking with ease.

One of the biggest advantages of an implant-supported restoration is that it should be cared for just like your natural teeth. That includes brushing twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoridated toothpaste as well as flossing daily. Many dentists also advise rinsing your mouth in the afternoon with mouthwash to help rinse away plaque, bacteria, and debris. Besides a fantastic home oral care routine, you must visit a dentist in Pewaukee, WI at least twice a year for an annual oral health evaluation and bi-annual professional cleaning. During these visits, your dentist can check the health and wear of your implant-supported restoration. They will let you know if the restoration and/or implant needs to be repaired or replaced.

Implant-supported restorations have improved the lives of many men and women in Pewaukee, WI. If you are missing any number of teeth and are thinking about restoring your smile with an implanted restoration, contact DentalWorks - Pewaukee to schedule an oral health evaluation and consultation. Our team of dental professionals will work with you to find out whether you are a good candidate and develop your personalized treatment plan that will get you on the path to a beautiful smile with a custom restoration supported by dental implants.

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